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• D
enise a la carte
- hammered dulcimer solo
Denise & Jim
- dulcimer /guitar duo

Groups that include Denise & Jim:
Jubilee - Contra Dance with fiddle and flute, and more. This band has been around since the early 1980s.

• Crooked Road - Traditional Irish band in which Denise plays concertina. The band also features Ben Saylor, Jim Kerr and Maura Walsh.

Denise also plays English concertina professionally, especially with other local players of Irish music. Contact her about this if you're interested, and please visit the concertina page.

Denise and Jim, and
their groups are
available for private
and public events.

Generally we ask for $50/per person per hour, with a $100 minimum. Travel expenses for outisde of Anchorage, and for use of sound gear (which we can provide when needed) must be negotiated.
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If your event requires live music with a specific theme, such as Christmas, Irish, Renaissance, or Alaskan Sourdough, Denise & Jim can dress the part. Their extensive repertoire and variety of styles can add hours of festive music to your event.

Jim is also a very skilled juggler, and is always ready to add variety to your entertainment with his humor and feats of wonder (See

Denise at a Rennaissance Fair

Denise & Jim at a Dickens/Christmas party