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Though I love the hammered dulcimer, it's the music that really matters.
To me, the session (and my participating connection with the concertina) is what it's all about. I mostly learn the tunes by ear from other musicians or recordings. I've found the sites below useful to locate tunes which I've only heard by name, or to check on different versions of tunes with the same name (as so often is the case!)

JC's ABC tunefinder This site can find almost any tune in a variety of
formats. Just enter the tune name, or a portion thereof.

ABC notation. Here's information about getting this online music
program which is great for anyone who can't read sheet music, or
who just wants to hear the tunes. This site not only has a search engine for traditional
Irish tunes (plus their sheet music and ABC notation), but also has a
data base of recordings, sessions, and a great discussion forum.

Henrik Norbeck's Abc Tunes

BBC's "Virtual Session"

Great for playing along and seeing the sheet music in front of you, too.