Trip to Australia, March 25-April 13, 2004

Many thanks to Mary and Wade for their hospitality during my first trip "down under"

These are Mary's kids––>
Stephanie (8) and Daniel (4),
at the "Easter Show" in Sydney,
much like Alaska's State Fair.
It was a terribly rainy day
but we had fun anway.

<––Taken Easter Sunday.

In the background are the next door neighbors and good friends of Mary's spanning 3 generations.

In the foreground, from left to right: Mary's husband Wade, Daniel, Stephanie and Mary.
An Irish pub––>
at the "Rocks"
area of Sydney.

<––This is the Darling Harbour area of Sydney, where Wade took me on an cruise the evening before, which was actually a floating pub with a music session onboard. Here are photos from the cruise (including me--"Lady with the Squeezebox") on Greenjam's website.

Another view––>
of Darling Harbour, which
I took from a restaurant where
we had breakfast the morning after the cruise.

Though it's not mine,
here's a fabulous photo
of the Sydney skyline
I found online. It's from the
website of the folks who
hosted the harbour cruise.

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