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June 1

I'm grateful for some sunny days, flowers starting to bloom, and moose in our yard! And with the nice weather, we are able to take our grandson Martin out in the stroller. When I'm not babysitting, I'm doing planning work for Whalecoast Alaska tours (for the UU Fellowship), and also for the Irish Club of Alaska. I've been playing less often on Saturdays at Celtic Treasures, mostly because of babysitting, but Jim and I hope our schedules will soon allow us to do more there. On Wednesdays in the summer we're at Fire Island Farmer's market, E. 16th Logan St.

May 1

I'm a little behind on website work due to the demands of babysitting, and still wrapping up work for the Muncipal Elections. But I'm still playing at McGinleys with Jim every Thursday. We'll be seeing more of Maura there, and we hear that Sky, Ben and Willow will be making appearances this summer! Also starting soon will be the Wednesday Farner's market at Fire Island Bakery on Logan St. in Airport Heights, where Jim and I played last summer and intend to do again. There's nothing like the sound of hammered dulcimer outdoors... add the aroma of fresh bread and it's kind of like heaven!

April 1

Jim and I were glad to have fiddler Maura Walsh join us for St. Pat's at McGinley's this year. She will probably be joining the Thursday sessions too! I've been busy working full time hours for the Municipal Elections, and it has been interesting to say the least. A learning curve for the public, but I sense it will be a huge success in the long run! Now I can look forward to a summer of non-employment so as to spend time with grandson Martin! No doubt I will have some volunteer work for Whalecoast tours (June and July) plus the Irish Club's Galway Days being planned for August.

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