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Feb. 1

What a lovely time at Anchorage Folk Festival this year! The weather was crisp, cold and beautiful. Jubilee did a wonderful set with some new and old melodies. I was able to watch my daughter perform 3 times: with her students, as a duo with her husband Dan, and in the bluegrass band known as "Rank Strangers." I also had an opportunity to show off the grandson! I helped guest artist Seamus Egan give a workshop on Irish melodies, and took part in an old-time music jam with some dear old friends. Life is good!

Jan. 1

Happy New Year 2018! I'm very grateful for a lot of exciting things this past year, including great Irish music every week at McGinley's. New and old friends keep coming out to help us continue this great tradition. I'm grateful that Jim and I are maintaining our health and all the challenges that go with that as we are heading into our 60's. And I'm especially grateful for our healthy new grandson, Martin. Looking forward to another great Anchorage Folk Festival at the end of this month!

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