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March 1

So glad to be finished with the office job at AUUF, so that I can have time to exercise, play music, and enjoy the grandkids! Jim and I played at the 12-100 with our friend Elsa, and we enjoyed having John Walsh in town to join us for a couple of the Thursday sessions at McGinley's. Now we are gearing up for St. Pat's, and it looks like Jubilee will be the band that plays McGinley's daytime set on stage. After that, anything goes! In April, I'll be heading to Juneau for their Folk Festival. I didn't sign up for any performances, but if it's anything like last year, there will be plenty of jams and sessions!

February 1

I've been spending a lot of time with the grandkids, especially toward the end of the month, while Amanda and Dan got ready for their sets at the Anchorage Folk Festival. I do enjoy time we have together, and didn't mind that I wasn't able to see much of this year's stage activity. But, I got to play a dulcimer set of my own (with Jim), and another with Jubilee, where little Martin escaped from his Dad's watch and decided to dance ON STAGE to our music. The audience loved it. As for me, I know it was just a stage he was going through --- har har!

January 1

It's been crazy weather in Anchorage! Yesterday it was 50 degrees, but then it snowed fiercely overnight and now it's only 13! Enjoyed a break from work over Christmas week. Jim and I played for the St. Stephen's Day Ceili at McGinley's. We were joined by Elsa, Colin, and Cilla Scrady.Tomorrow I'll go back to work and start training my replacement. A retired lifestyle is again on the horizon!

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