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May 1

No sooner did I finish my Spring job wth the Municipal Elections but I was offered a summer job at my church, the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. Their admin. lady is taking a leave of absence, so now I get to do their newsletter, Sunday bulletins, email blasts, etc. It's part-time hours, so I'm grateful I'll still have time for evening gigs, and of course time with the grandson. Looking forward to outdoor markets, bicycling and strolls in the neighborhood! I'm also grateful that Shonti, our fiddler for Jubilee, is once again able to play after a shoulder injury this winter. She joined us at the Celtic Spring Fest in April.

April 1

This is no April fooling: We just got a new car -- it's another Prius and the first all-wheel drive version. My old Prius was just too old. So I'm happy to not have to drive the van now that I'm heading downtown daily for the Muni Elections job that I took on again just for this Spring. Jim says this is my early birthday present--can't complain! We survived a pretty rough fall and winter, so things are looking up! I continue playing concertina at McGinley's every Thursday, where local Irish music enthusiasts join us for a terrefic session. Jim and I held down the daytime crowd there for St. Pat's as well. He and I bring the dulcimer to 12-100 Coffee Shop Saturdays 10-noon. Sad news: Sherri Hadley, a well known old-time fiddler in our community, passed away after a long illness.

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