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Oct 1

I've had to turn down a few dulcimer gigs this Fall because of the eye surgery. It's for the best, as my recovery has been slow, and only partially successful. It appears after a few weeks with a gas bubble inside my right eye (that needs another month until it completely dissipates), the face-down positioning did not seem to correct nor improve the distortion and blind spot that has been growing in the center of my right eye's vision. It probably kept the situation from getting worse, but as the doc said, "this is as good as it will get." The cataract procedure has brought clarity to the eye worked on, but only to my peripheral vision. For now I can still see well with my other eye wearing a contact lens, but it may be some time before I can get cataract work on it. My driving, and performing on dulcimer will have to wait for awhile, too. On a happier note, I've been enjoying time with grandson Martin, who turns 1 year old this month! Sessions have been great at McGinley's too, and I'm grateful that I can play concertina, even face-down in a massage chair!

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