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Dec. 1

This week I survived 2 things:
the cataract work on my left eye, which had no complications, and the right eye is stable, though it has some permanent distortion that may lessen over time. I was back playing dulcimer for the Museum Crafts Fair after Thanksgiving!
2. Just yesterday, we survived the 7.0 earthquake, which was pretty scary. Not much damage, other than a few broken dishes and garage junk, and a few cracks noted along some indoor walls (hopefully not serious). The most interesting discovery? Reading glasses and dental floss ended up in the toilet! Lesson learned: always close the lid! (Though in this case, perhaps it had originally been closed and the violent forces made it fly open? Who knows.)

Nov. 1

Looking forward to a number of gigs this month, including some with hammered dulcimer, as my eyes have now adjusted to working well together. I'm able to drive, but I'm limiting it to daytime and when road conditions are good. So grateful for Jim taking me places I've needed to go. I've scheduled cataract work on my other eye at the end of this month, and hopefully the recovery will be short, and results effective. Our session at McGinley's continues to thrive, and we have John Walsh with us tonight, as he is in town for the Ger MDonnell Ceili.

Oct. 1

I've had to turn down a few dulcimer gigs this Fall because of the eye surgery. It's for the best, as my recovery has been slow, and only partially successful. It appears after a few weeks with a gas bubble inside my right eye (that needs another month until it completely dissipates), the face-down positioning did not seem to correct nor improve the distortion and blind spot that has been growing in the center of my right eye's vision. It probably kept the situation from getting worse, but as the doc said, "this is as good as it will get." The cataract procedure has brought clarity to the eye worked on, but only to my peripheral vision. For now I can still see well with my other eye wearing a contact lens, but it may be some time before I can get cataract work on it. My driving, and performing on dulcimer will have to wait for awhile, too. On a happier note, I've been enjoying time with grandson Martin, who turns 1 year old this month! Sessions have been great at McGinley's too, and I'm grateful that I can play concertina, even face-down in a massage chair!

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