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Dec. 1

Even though Amanda is now a mother, Jim and I are grateful that she was able to join us for 2 gigs in November: the Anchorage Symphony's "World Music" show for kids, that included our bit of live Irish music to accompany dancers on the Atwood Concert Hall stage. The second gig was Christmas and other music for the Scottish Club's St. Andrews Night. We enjoy lots of time with our grandson, including family walks. So fun to watch Martin grow and develop -- he responds to music, as demonstrated one day when he was crying a lot, but stopped when Jim played guitar for him. When the music stopped, he resumed crying! Amanda was that way as a baby too.

Nov. 1

We are now grandparents! Little Martin James Booth was born Oct. 9 and we couldn't be more proud. I've been spending a lot of time with him and the family, and not at all regretting having let go of my regular job. Being a grandparent is way more fun. Luckily, there's still time for music. I enjoyed singing for kids at Bear Valley School recently, and getting them to sing with me. This is not something I normally do, but I had plently of encouragement and time to prepare, so what the heck. I also got to play dulcimer for the kiddos, and they dug it, too.

Oct. 1

So grateful to the Mayo Clinic and their wonderful staff. I traveled to Rochester Minnesota with Jim in early September, where he underwent a successful mitral valve replacement. We are back in Anchorage and he is recovering nicely. By choice, I ended my part-time employment at the end of August so that I could help out more around the house, and get ready to spend time with our daughter Amanda, who will be giving birth to our first grandchild very soon. I've been going for lots of slow walks with both Jim and Amanda. Really enjoing the Fall weather in Anchorage!

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