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Sept 2

Jim and I are off to see the Wizard on Labor Day. That is, to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where Tin Man Jim will have some work done on his ticker. If all goes well, we will be back in Anchorage within 2 weeks. We have enjoyed a good summer with lots of music, wedding gigs, and awesome sessions at McGinley's. Except for the weekly session, and perhaps Celtic Treasures on Saturdays, we have no gigs for the next couple of months. I bid farewell to my job at Seawolf Physical Therapy, so that I can better help out with family matters, including our first grandchild (a boy) due in mid-October. We'll see what the future brings!

August 4

Public musical performances have been pretty sparse for us this summer, but Jim and I have had a number of weddings and memorial services to play for. The sessions at McGinley's have had a recent increase in attendance and enthusiasm as well. It's nice to see people putting money in the tip jar, which ends up paying for the musicians' drinks and food, and that translates to support of McGinley's Pub, that continues to support us! So glad that fiddler Elanor has come back after recovering from neck surgery. Had a fabulous baby shower for Amanda; baby Booth is expected in mid-October.

July 1

How fortunate that I have a 5-day weekend! Except that I will be doing quite a bit of work, including music for a wedding in Girdwood. But there are a couple of parties on the 4th that I'm looking forward to. Cheers!

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