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March 1

I'm glad there has been some snow this winter, even if it means I've had to shovel a lot. It's better than a brown landscape! Now that there's more daylight, it's time to start planting indoor seeds. We didn't get any notable gigs in February, but I am looking forward to the Empty Bowl benefit for Bean's Cafe, and also some St. Pat's activity. I'm also considering attending the Juneau Folk Festival in April. Jim and I have started attendiing Dawn Berg's Morris Dance class; he is learning to play the music on guitar, and I've been learning the melodies and also trying out the dances. Fun!

Feb. 1

The Anchorage Folk Festival brought joy to the wintry end of January, and our participation was abundant as usual. The only part I missed, due to a sudden stomach bug, was our Folk Week performance at Inlet Towers. All other sets went well. We also enjoyed having John Walsh and his buddies make an appearance at two of our McGinley's Irish sessions. Jim and I are launching a new online promotion on WeddingWire. Since we love doing wedding gigs (ceremonies and/or rehearsal dinners, receptions), we are hoping to get more of these. And starting tonight, I'm going to try playing for (and maybe learning to dance) with a local Morris Dance group.

Jan. 4

I'm grateful for having had some snow this year, even though I don't ski anymore. It's just prettier, we have been enjoying walks with Amanda, Danny and their dog Del. We've been enjoying sessions with Graham Siebe, Tania Opland and Ben Saylor, all in town visiting relatives for the holidays. I was happy to stay at home on New Year's Eve. Jim had a couple of juggling gigs, and
has been home sick since. This is not due to drinking, we know that he never consumes alcohol, but just a bug he got. He seems on the mend though, and now we can get ready for Folk Festival.

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